The Scope of the Program

The Ph.D. program in English Culture and Literature covers a wide range of literary genres such as prose, poetry, short fiction, novel, drama along with literary theories, cultural studies and theories.


PhD Program Courses

ELIT 600 Graduate Seminar

ELIT 601Topics in Literary Theory

ELIT 602 Topics in Literary Studies

ELIT 603 Topics in Cultural Studies

ELIT 604 Comparative Literature

ELIT 605 Comparative Culture

ELIT 606 Medieval Lit. and Culture

ELIT 607 Renaissance Studies

ELIT 608 Early-Modern Culture

ELIT 609 Shakespeare Studies

ELIT 610 Shakespeare: Tragedies

ELIT 611 Shakespeare: Comedies

ELIT 612 Shakespeare: Problem Plays

ELIT 613 Restoration & 18th C. Drama

ELIT 614 Contemporary Drama

ELIT 615 Topics in Drama

ELIT 616 18th Century Novel

ELIT 617 Victorian Novel

ELIT 618 Contemporary Novel

ELIT 619 Postmodern Novel

ELIT 620 Short Fiction

ELIT 621 Romantic and 19th Century Poetry

ELIT 622 20th Century Poetry

ELIT 623 Contemporary Poetry

ELIT 624 Topics in Poetry

ELIT 625 Women Writers

ELIT 626 Women Dramatists

ELIT 627 Topics in Gender

ELIT 628 Popular Culture

ELIT 629 Popular Literature

ELIT 630 Postcolonial Studies

ELIT 631 Topics in Western Culture

ELIT 632 Cultural Theory                

ELIT 633 Representation

ELIT 634 Urban Studies

ELIT 635 Film Studies

ELIT 636 History and the Novel

ELIT 637 Topics in Genre

ELIT 638 Interdisciplinary Approaches to Literature

ELIT 699 Thesis